Welcome, Kari

Paperihattu has a brand new member, Kari Pieskä. His film No Time for Toes is now traveling the world’s festivals, bringing home all kinds of awards!

Kari Pieskä on Vimeo

Paperihattu films at HLEF

Several films by the members of Paperihattu will be screened at the short film festival in Helsinki (Helsingin lyhytelokuvafestivaali) this week. Electric Soul, a new film by Joni Männistö, is also competing for the Kettu short film prize.

The films of the animation screening


Paperihattu members Kaisa Lenkkeri, Sanni Lahtinen and Heta Jokinen have put up a new site for children. It’s called Hyrskynmyrskyn, and there will be printable coloring pictures, little stories and poems, diy projects and more. The text is in Finnish.

Can you find 7 differences in the pictures below?

Paperihattu says Happy Valentine’s Day!

Paperihattu advent calendar

Paperihattu advent calendar 2012. We wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Paperihatun joulukalenteri 2012. Toivotamme kaikille iloista joulua!