Janne Kukkonen has been working like a maniac on his new graphic novel Voro, and now it’s been published by Like! 280 pages of magical adventure. Paperihattu is very, very proud.

Get your (Finnish) copy here!

Sore Eyes for Infinity crowdfunding campaign

The crowdfunding campaign for Elli’s film has started! Get your hands on the flip books, posters, coloring pictures, 3D glasses and parties, that are offered as perks to the supporters.

Support the film on indiegogo or on mesenaatti!

Sore Eyes for Infinity teaser

The teaser for Sore Eyes for Infinity is here! The animated short is directed by Elli Vuorinen, and animated this very moment by members of Paperihattu. Enjoy!

New members!

Paperihattu welcomes the young and gifted Anni Oja, Emmi Heimonen and Elina Kylmänen!

Here’s a little taste of Elina’s work: