Mother & Milk by Ami Lindholm soon released



Ami Lindholm is just giving the final big push, her new short film Mother and Milk is almost done! It tells a story of a becoming a parent, of the time when everything seems to disapper under a flood of milk.

The film will be released very soon by and will first be available only to registered users of their site.


Sore Eyes For Infinity has been added to Staff Pick Premieres on Vimeo

Sore Eyes For Infinity created by Elli Vuorinen is now online, and this week’s Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere! Paperihattu members Sanni Lahtinen, Elina Kylmänen and Kari Pieskä were part of the production team!


Antti Laakso made the animated sequences for a series of videos published by Animalia. Well what do you know, fish do have thoughts and feelings! Here’s the first video in the series:


F I N K E L : w / o

Sanni Lahtinen created this animated music video for an LA based band F I N K E L. The video won the National competition in Animatricks Festival, Helsinki!

Animations for the Cancer Society

We had the chance to make these videos about the effects of tobacco products for the Cancer Society of Finland. The videos can be found at their educational material site Nikedu.

The team for the animations: Heta Jokinen, Elina Kylmänen, Sanni Lahtinen, Anni Oja

Penelope by Heta Jäälinoja nominated for a Jussi award

Penelope directed by Heta Jäälinoja is nominated for the Jussi award for the best short film in Finland! Congratulations, Heta and hooray for Finnish animation!

Check out all the nominees here